We distinguish ourselves by the quality of our services, providing
customized solutions solutions to the needs of our customers.



We are a company with a team of specialized professionals, which provides adequate solutions to the needs of our customers. We have as main objective to satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers, in the following areas:

  • Industrial Maintenance (general)
  • Mechanical metalworking
  • Metalworking for civil construction (Aluminium frames, stainless steel)
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Industrial paintings (equipment, paving...)
  • Storage / Layout
  • Cutting and bending
  • Labour outsourcing (temporary) and provision of services

Based on the industrial maintenance work with qualified professionals in the areas of mechanical and civil construction metalworking, welding, electricity and painting.

We also have non-specialized workers able to exercise a wide range of functions, either in the industrial area (forklift truck operator driver, industrial cleaning...), as well as in the area of civil construction (bricklayers, painters, plumbers and bricklayer´s mate).

Resale of industrial products and consumables

Resale of Products at an industrial level (tools and consumables), with a permanent salesman on location with our customers.

Mission and Vision

We are a reference company, in the provision of services and supply of equipment, in the areas of industrial maintenance and mechanical metalworking.

 Our main mission is the satisfaction and success of our customers. We are, therefore, aware of their needs and expectations and guarantee them maximum efficiency in the services and solutions that we present.

We distinguish ourselves with a differentiating offer on the market, through integrated solutions, suitable to the specific needs of our customers.

For GSP people and companies are the main objective of its work.


Do not abdicate of certain values, accompanying us always on our commercial relations:Seriousness and sobtisfaction of customers and

We do not relinquish certain values, which are always present in our commercial relations:

  • Seriousness and sobriety
  • Professional ethics
  • Employee development
  • Respect for the commitments undertaken
  • Satisfaction of customers and society


We count on a team of specialized professionals, civil construction metalworkers, locksmiths, mechanical metalworkers, electricians and painters, who work with quality and effectiveness and provide GSP the possibility of presenting the most appropriate and adapted solution to the needs of our customers. We also have staff for temporary work, necessary at company shutdowns or in its general maintenance.